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Mariaelena Soffientini

Market Access Lead in Pharma & Medical Device Companies

My Strengths
leading people in a shared direction, creating and executing innovative marketing and Patient Access programs while focusing on my daily work managing cross-functional teams.

I’m definitely business-oriented (I have a 15-year experience in Sales.)

My Activities and Projects:
As Sales Rep.:In MSD, as a GP rep, first, and, then, as a Hospital rep, I collaborated with Marketing by writing and implementing the first regional marketing plan in cardio-surgery. As Area Manager:I was the first to organize a distance-learning program in Italy with the result of differentiating the company vs. competition and lowering promotional expenditures. As Regional Access Manager: I successfully defended the reclassification of a product in Liguria thereby protecting both price and reimbursement. In Lombardy, I collaborated with Medical, Marketing and Sales functions to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility program in HIV (Lombardy had the best HIV launch in Italy). Internally, I coordinated the inputs of IT, Marketing, Medical, Sales and KAM in order to organize e-rooms and web forums involving 200 reps with the purpose of sharing information and best practices (also across BUs).

As National Head of Regional Market Access:

I re-focused the role of RMA managers using Six-Sigma processes: defining responsibilities, objectives, metrics and partners. As Market Access Manager (Chiesi):I organized a highly-visible meeting on the definition of best practices in Rare Diseases using the web (in collaboration with WHO). As Head of KAMs (Celgene, since 2012).
We provide strategic support to the Business Units, always with an eye (or two) to the business, wary of compliance issues. We mapped our customers and their needs and finally built educational offering aimed at increasing our customers’ skills.


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