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Giovanni Roattino

Senior Project Manager, Bunsines Unit Operation, Site Manager, HSE, Railways Project, Rolling Stock Maintenance

My name is Giovanni Roattino ad I'm an Italian Electronic Engineer,  aged  52,  with a  wide  25 years' experience  in the field of  Railways  Industry as  Project Manager, Site Manager and Business Unit Operation Manager.

I have worked for more than 15 years, as project manager from a junior position up to became the Head of the Portfolio of a number of projects with the coordination of six Project Managers with their own teams.

I have acquired experience in all phases of a project: ü writing and validation of technical specification; ü support to the legal office for the tender; ü implementation (design review and construction); 

  • delivery and commissioning and homologation(if required) of the final product/service; 
  • assessment of the compliance with the performance  agreed with the clients; 
  • recovery plans in the presence of non-conformity respect to contractual agreements.   

Furthermore, I have gained experience in the economical behaviour of the project (respect of contractual time delivery, level of quality and control cost). I also have developed the capacity to hold relationships with the board of director writing short resume report about the state of the project and the related KPI, with the final client to manage all contractual aspect and external stakeholders like Safety/Authority Agency and Publics Authority. All the projects that I have managed were a multimillion-euro budget in multidisciplinary environment (electronics, mechanical, pneumatics, PLC and related software). You can find detailed successful proven tracks records in my personal CV. 


In the second part of my professional life, I have worked as Plant/Site Manager and Business Unit Operation Manager. As Site/Plant Manager  I  had the responsibility  up to five  different Plant/Site where my company  make the  heavy (overhaul) ad light maintenance  of  rolling stock  with  about  700  employees and workers  and a cost budget of about 40 Ml?.

I gained experience in the control and schedule of production, HSE, logistic and supply chain, continuous improvement, analysis of make or buy and control on external suppliers, review of production process, lay outs and organization  to shift down cost,  delivery time and the number of defects, continuous control of assigned budget and efficiency by the use of typical industrial KPI.

I acquires knowledge to maintain in efficiency the system and machinery of the plant by set-up and management of several Global Service and Facility Maintenance contracts. 


As Business Unit Operation Manager, I was in charge of the Long and Medium Distance Railways Services Business Unit (Day Intercity Trains) with the responsibility to achieve the GOM  fixed in the year budget by the Board by maximize the revenue and costs reduction. To sign the  goals  I have worked with the commercial and marketing function to define the shape of the product offer on the basis of technical feasibility and six  Plant/Site Manager  who have in charge the maintenance, preparation and cleaning of the trains. I always operated in an Integrated Management Siystem   certified by external Notified Body (SGS and RINA) for Total Quality (ISO 9001), Safety of Workers (OHSAS 18001) and impact on external ambient (ISO 140001). Furthermore, I take an active role in the reorganization of the process and the setup of documental system (procedures etc.) to achieve the very first official certification of the Integrated Management System issued by an External Assessor.   


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